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Using our Embedded Marketing Program, we insert your product or service in one or more of our current or future projects.


Embedded marketing, also known as product placement, is a marketing strategy in which a brand's products or services are featured within a series or movie. The goal of embedded marketing is to promote the brand in a subtle and natural way, without appearing as traditional advertising.


With EMP, your brand's product or service is shown in a series or movie to a large audience. The product may be in the background of a scene or used by a character.  This is important because it:


Which is what you want.


Unlike typical advertising (print, radio or broadcast) where ads are skipped over or ignored, when products are inserted into storylines they’re more effective than traditional ads because:


In 2021, Research Analyst Sofia Murca authored a report stating that product placement can increase a brand’s awareness 19 – 43%.  Similarly, California marketing agency Hollywood Branded put out a report stating that 57% of viewers purchased a product or service they had seen onscreen.


In an age where it’s possible to subscribe to commercial-free content, having your product or service embedded in that content means it will get seen regardless and without competing products vying for the viewers’ attention.


Why consider our EMP? Look at these numbers from companies (competitors?) who used embedded marketing:


What brands (again…competitors) have employed embedded marketing?


We wish to assist you in succeeding, whether your goal is to establish a brand or expand your business. Contact us today to discuss how the Michigan Film Network’s Embedded Marketing Program can help promote your product or service.

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