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Creating and distributing revenue-generating entertainment since 2010!  

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Michigan Film Network has been working behind-the-scenes with Authors, Screenwriters, Directors, Producers, Actors, Cinematographers, Sound Engineers, Craft Services...literally anyone involved in some aspect of the filmmaking experience...making introductions, pairing up talent and assisting filmmakers since 2010.

In 2023 we stepped out from behind-the-scenes and into the leadership role.  With our extensive network of talent, it only made sense to expand our functions to include creating, producing and distributing.  And whether you're the talent in front of or behind the camera, inside Michigan or outside the United States, we want to work with you.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein: "If you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it's going to live its whole life believing it's stupid."  Now imagine it's not a fish, but a filmmaker, that's facing an obstacle and getting judged.

You're not stupid for wanting to work in the Entertainment Industry.  You're not stupid if no one shares your vision.  You're not stupid for believing you have something worthy to contribute...for believing that you can make a living doing what you love...for believing in yourself.  You are not stupid...period.  

You just don't have the right team by your side...the right people watching your back.

That's where the Michigan Film Network can make a difference for you.

Whatever your role in Entertainment, we can work together.

Case in point:  One Director we partnered with was trying for over ten years to get his project started.  He repeatedly hit obstacles, set backs and resistance (sound familiar?).  However, we believe that when obstacles present themselves, it helps us see opportunities.  We don't recognize that set backs are negative; conversely, they positively guide us in a better direction.  And we know that resistance helps us develop character.

We partnered with him and completed his project 90 days later. 

If we work together, we will make sure your personal story is one of strength.  We will make sure your personal story is one of success.  We will make sure your personal story is of someone who refused to settle or give up their filmmaking dreams.

Whether in Michigan, the US, North America or globally, we want to work with you.

Partner with the Michigan Film Network.  Let's make movies.

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