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When you invest in our company and/or entertainment projects, we strive to enlarge your Return On Investment.


Movies are recession resistant and make for a good investment.  Even when times are hard people want quality entertainment. Movies provide a brief mental escape…a 90+ minute reprieve to take minds elsewhere and recharge.  People won’t stop watching movies, whether at the theater or at home on cable television, the internet, or other streaming outlets. What’s more, all these viewing options have created more revenue streams and greater profitability for investors!


There is a way for you to get in on the action and invest in the potential success of movies. Even though the hardest thing to gauge is the personal whim of the moviegoer or the voice of critics, if a movie does well it may open the possibilities of a franchise.


For every project the Michigan Film Network takes on, three criteria are met first:


1.  The project must be designed with broad-market appeal in mind and avoid themes only intended for niche audiences.


2.  The project must have a combination of A-Listers (when possible) and up-and-coming Non-Union Talent, with fewer of the former and a majority of the latter, in an effort to control costs. Depending on the target audience, we may also factor in racial demographics when casting in an effort to increase box office success.


3.  The project must avoid the mass festival circuit.  We won’t make movies just to shop them around festivals. We will, however, consider taking a project to one or more of the Big Five (Venice, Cannes, Berlin, Toronto or Sundance) in the event we don’t have some type of distribution arrangement already in place for the project, which would be unlikely as we have solid relationships with distributors.


Before you consider investing your money in our film production company or a specific movie project, ask for our investment proposal which may answer many of your pre-investment questions.


To learn about the types of genres Michigan Film Network plans to produce entertainment for and why, check out the PROJECTS page.


To learn more about the specific movies we tentatively have on our production roster, check out the project genre pages listed under PROJECTS.

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