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Thrillers are action-packed mysteries with moments of tension, suspense, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and fear. Without fail, they are plot-driven stories with plenty of plot twists! 

They make up roughly 8% of the movies released annually and have generated over $20 Billion in revenue since 1995 domestically alone (United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam).  And these dollars do not include episodics/series on television or streaming services or international revenue!

Our thrillers include crime and detective fiction, so often there's a villain-driven plot that presents obstacles the protagonist/hero must overcome.

Michigan Film Network is uniquely positioned to have EXCLUSIVE relationships with this genre's leading creatives, working closely with published Authors and Los Angeles Screenwriters who have credible successes with their crafts.  Coupled with our roster of talent (Cast and Crew, Directors and Producers, etc), we are building a content pipeline that will only EXPAND in the coming years!

As of this moment, we have the following pending THRILLER projects:

--2023: Franchise Crime Thriller #1 (working title - MILES)

--2023 / 2024: Franchise Crime Thriller #2 (working title - MILES 2)

--2024: Franchise Crime Thriller #3 (working title - MILES 3)

             Franchise Crime Thriller #4 (working title - MILES 4)

All THRILLER projects currently have Collaboration and Distribution arrangements in place and are accepting Augmentation and Insertion agreements.  Contact us for more details.

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