Series Casting Call: Horror

Project name:  LUCSVILLE, MICHIGAN  

Ten episode horror series.


Logline:  A new Sheriff takes drastic steps to turn his isolated, crime-riddled community into “America’s Safest Town” and learns just how vicious, pervasive – and vengeful - the network of corruption he’s fighting really is. 

We are currently looking to cast the following roles for the pilot:

NATHAN POLE (Caucasian male, 20s – 50s, slim):  Town bully.  Detestable.  Believes he’s above the law and is outraged he was arrested.  One of seven brothers who are responsible in some way or another for most of the violent crime in Lucsville. Tattoos/piercings helpful but not necessary.  Must be capable of a wide array of emotions, including crying real tears.  Must be comfortable with body horror and wearing splattered gore. Recurring role.  This is a challenging role.

MILTON SAUNDERSON (Caucasian male, 30s – 60s, slim):  Creepy.  Dangerous to children and can easily outsmart police.  Must be able to convey varying degrees of fear, including debilitating terror, and be able to cry real tears. Tattoos/piercings helpful but not necessary. Must be comfortable with body horror, amputation and wearing splattered gore. This may become a recurring role.  This is a challenging role.

PARKER JESSUP (Caucasian child, looks around 8 yrs old):  Poster child of the perfect kid…on the outside. Inside, Parker has the same tendencies as mother ELAINE JESSUP (already cast). This is likely to be a recurring role. 

LEVI the STORE MANAGER (Open):  Good natured person.  Very attentive to customers and the condition of the store.  Very supportive of the Sheriff’s Department. This is a Featured Extra role (no lines) but may bump to a recurring Minor Supporting role with lines. 

All roles are paid.

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